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Booster Club Store

The Bow Falcon Booster Club is pleased to announce the opening of TWO on-line options for purchasing Falcon Face Masks and one on-line option for general Falcon apparel. 

Falcon Face Masks:

To help keep yourself and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering 3 face mask options that will allow you to show your Falcon Pride and also be responsive to health offical's recommendations to wear a protective mask when in public. 


To purchase option #1 the Falcon Canvas Mask click on the "Buy Now" option where your purchase will be made via PayPal and a member of our Booster Club will connect with you regarding a pick up plan.  For options 2 and 3 your order will be made via Shirtmasters and follow the apparel pick up plan listed below.  


Option #1 - Falcon Canvas Mask:  Custom made right here in NH by Enviro-Tote we are offering a non-surgical face mask.  This mask is made from a thick canvas material (6oz Cotton Twill) and measures 9” wide x 6” high at center, 7.5” x ¼” elastic.  Each mask comes with a pocket to add a filter (filter not included).  Cost is $10 per mask.    **We have these masks in stock with limited availability**

Option #2 - Falcon Cotton Face Mask:  Non-Surgical 3-ply face mask made from 100% cotton measuring 7" W x 5" L.   Cost is $8.00 per mask.  **This mask option is available for a 2 week period while the On-Line apparel store via Shirtmasters is open**

Option #3 - Falcon Performance Activity Mask (Gaiter):  Non-medical grade activity mask made of 83% polyester / 17% spandex moisture management fabric and comes in adult and youth sizes.  Please note this gaiter style mask will not be an accepted style for students returning to school, students will need to wear a traditional style mask.  This style mask is great for an extra layer of protection over a traditional style mask. Cost is $12.00 per mask.    **This mask option is available for a 2 week period while the On-Line apparel store via Shirtmasters is open**



If you are looking for additional apparel options please shop our on-line apparel store option through Shirtmasters.  The on-line store is open for a limited time only to ensure all orders will be completed by Tuesday, September 8th. 


What does the store offer:  Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve, Short sleeve, Polo Shirts, Leggings, Winter Hats, Vests, Scarves, etc. 


When does the store close:  Sunday, August 23rd at midnight is the last day to place your orders  

When and Where do I pick up my order:  All apparel will be available for pick up at Bow High School on Tuesday, September 8th at the school office during school hours

How do I order:  Click on the "Shop" icon and you will be taken to our Booster Club Store where you will place your order and complete your payment.  


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