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Welcome to the Falcons

Booster Club Store

Winter Edition

The Store is currently closed, all on-line orders can be picked up Wednesday, February 12th at BHS in the gym at 6pm

As part of the Bow Falcons Booster Club fundraising we are pleased to offer an on-line store option through Shirtmasters.  The on-line store is open for a limited time only to ensure all orders will be completed by Wednesday, February 12th. 


What does the store offer:  Our Winter Edition of apparel contains some favorites from our Homecoming options along with some great other choices such as leggings, winter hats, vests, scarves, etc.


When does the store close:  Sunday, January 26th is the last day to place your orders  

When and Where do I pick up my order:  All apparel will be available for pick up at Bow High School from 6:00 pm - 7 pm on Wednesday, February 12th

How do I order:  Click on the heart icon and you will be taken to our Booster Club Store where you will place your order and complete your payment.  


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